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Learn, Laugh and Love

Beautiful Everyday

Avery Averette
10 March
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My life's aim, inspired by a short poem: 'Little creature formed of joy and mirth, go love without the help of anything on earth.' So this journal is an act of love, the love for life and all things beautiful, and for the joy that they bring. I love, therefore, I am!

It started out as a fanfiction vehicle for Japanese heart-throb, entertainer Takizawa Hideaki, and has gradually evolved to include other important aspects of my life: God, cats, flowers, drawings and all things beautiful.

As an outreach to spread a little joy, I hope through this journal, I've in a little way touched you. You've touched me too, by reading this. So do drop me a note to make a friend or just to let me know that you're alive, that you exist.

Thank you for visiting. Have a great day, every day! It's good to be alive!

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